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Right now we need you to exercise your right to comment on the planning application for 190 new houses in Grimescar Valley, and tell your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to do the same!!!

Mock-up of Planning for Dummies

How can you help?
The Save Grimescar Valley Committee has been re-energised in the wake of the public meeting on 23rd July 2014. Here's are latest thoughts on how you can help.

1) Join our mail list and keep up to date on the campaign

2) Tell your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues

3) Donate whatever you can afford to help us give the valley a voice

4) Download, print and circulate this fundraising flyer

5) Go to the developers website and register your views...
...and keep a copy of your comments

6) Print the poster below and put it in your window

7) Write to or email Cllr David Sheard, Leader of Kirrklees Council
As leader of the majority party on Kirkless Council, David Sheard leads the Cabinet which sets the direction of all Council policy, including planning. We suggest you write to him in your own words to express your concerns about the threat to Grimescar Vally.

Write to him at: The Leader's Office, Crown Court Buildings, Princess Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2TT

8) Write to Edmund Thornhill:
At the Public meeting on 23rd July, Jason McCartney, MP for Colne Valley, reccomended we write to the landowner and Director of Thornhill Estates Edmund Thornhill, and appeal to his sense of justice and fair play and request that he drop these plans, permanently. Remember that being rude or nasty rarely changes anyone's mind, so tell him how important the valley is to you and why he should put people before profit and Save Grimescar Valley.
Or write to him at: Thornhill Estates Limited, The Granary, 24A The Street, Diddington, St Neots, Cambidgeshire PE19 5XU

9) Write to your MP
Tell our MP's that how strongly you feel about these development proposals. For contact details, see the links at the bottom of this page.


10) Write to or email Kirklees Planning Department
Full details of when, and how to do this will be published here.
Watch this space!

Poster for Download
You could attach them to emails to Councillors and MP's

Click images below to download PDF of poster

Link to poster download - portrait

If Isabel (aged 10) can do it,
so can you!

(click image to enlarge).