Thornhill Estates' Development Plans 

Planning Application Number: 2014/60/93039/W 

Keep Calm and Comment on Plans
The opportunity to comment on this planning application closed on 18th December 2014

On October 7th the consultation for Thornhill Estates' planning application for 190 new homes went live on Kirklees Council's website. The application can be viewed here.

BE WARNED: There are a LOT of documents which feature some technical information.

The Save Grimescar Valley Committee met on Thursday 9th October and reviewed the application. On behalf of the membership we will be formulating a group response over the next few weeks.

We also advise keeping comments short, simple, emotion-free, and focused on the planning issues that you’re concerned about.Traffic issues (Congestion, Road Danger, Air Pollution, Noise), local schools already full to bursting, Pressure on doctors surgeries, loss of ‘visual amenity’, etc.

Masterplan for development of 650 acres

After much speculation, Thornhill Estates has revealed new plans to develop 650 acres around Grimescar Valley in what has called the 'Huddersfield Gateway' development. Thornhill will be putting forward this masterplan for inclusion in the Local Plan.

The development of the Local Plan will take place over the two years, and expected to be formally adopted in late 2017.
Link to PDF of Huddersfield Gateway proposals

   Image above links to PDF download of the proposals

Why have got a tough battle on this one?
in October 2013, the Planning Inspector rejected Kirklees' proposed Local Plan Core Strategy meaning Kirklees Council had to start the process again; adoption of a new plan is now expected in late 2017.
Hence there's a window for developers to exploit with planning applications with the old Unitary Development Plan offering scant protection.

The proposal for 200+ houses is on land designated as Provisional Open Land (POL). 
Kirklees Council is very reluctant to fight appeals to rejections of planning approval, due to legal cost implications.
Essentially developers with bigger legal budgets can outflank councils who are operating with very limited budgets.

View the Huddersfield Exmainer feature on proposals to develop the Grimescar Valley
View the 'Huddersfield Gateway' plans for the Grimescar Valley

The Proposal from 2011

In September 2011 we got the first view of Thornhill Estates' 'Northern Gateway' development proposals, courtesy of the The landowner has submitted the proposals to Kirklees Council for consideration under the review of the Local Development Framework, which sets out future plans for where, and what type of, development will be permitted

.The Current Landowner          

As the photos opposite (reproduced from the image published in the Examiner) show, the proposed development would cover the whole of the Grimescar Valley with housing.

Click here to see more details of Thornhill Estates' proposals and judge for yourself.

  Grimescar Valley 2011                                                                            Grimescar Valley Northern Gateway plan 2011
Grimescar Valley in 2011
Development Proposals in 2011