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We need your support to help  give the valley a voice! 

We are likely to need professional advice in challenging this planning application andcontributing to the new Local Plan Core Strategy process.
Help us pay for the best!

High 5 for Grimescar Valley

Please donate five pounds 
to Save Grimescar Valley
or whatever you can afford

To donate by PayPal click here:

Address for donations

Or post cheques to: 
Chris Jones, Treasurer 
Save Grimescar Valley
115 Burn Road
Huddersfield  HD2 2EG

Make cheques payable to: 
Save Grimescar Valley

If you wish to donate by bank transfer, our bank details are available on request.

Link to flyer PDF

Help spread the word by downloading and
printing this flyer and distributing to friends,
family, neighbours and colleagues!