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Watch this space for news on the campaign to preserve the Grimescar Valley.

How to Comment on the Draft Local Plan

posted 3 Dec 2015, 03:52 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 3 Dec 2015, 04:02 ]

A guide for human beings 

Save Grimescar Valley is calling on residents to back the proposal in the Draft Local Plan to
re-designate Grimescar Valley as protected greenbelt. 
Comment on Kirklees Local Plan

Whilst this won't overturn the decision to grant outline planning permission for 190 new houses, if approved this will protect the majority of the valley for at least another 15 years.

It's really important that as many people as possible back this greenbelt proposal for Grimescar Valley. It's the best chance we have to save the remained of the valley from unsustainable development. 

We feel that concerns should be raised about designating all the Provisional Open Land for housing, particularly where is is recognised as Wildlife Habitat Network

Our View
Save Grimescar Valley has examined the proposals in the draft Local Plan and highlights the following issues:

  • Undeveloped areas of Grimescar Valley are designation as either Greenbelt or Provisional Open Land (POL) in the draft plan
  • A portion of the Provisional Open Land (POL) already has outline planning permission for 190 new houses - this decision has been taken and is not open to consultation through this process.
  • However we are concerned that all the remaining POL has been designated as land for housing development, and the likely impact this will have on traffic volumes / congestion / pollution etc.
  • Also a significant portion of this POL marked for housing is designated as 'Wildlife Habitat Network' and should therefore be added to the area designated as greenbelt.
  • We support the designation of the remainder of the valley as greenbelt

Proposals put forward in the Draft Local Plan:
Annotated Draft Local Plan
Click image above to enlarge

How to comment
Email your comments to Kirklees Planning at:
Write to Kirklees Local Plan Consultation, PO Box B93 Civic Centre 3 Market Street Huddersfield HD1 2JR
OR if you're skilled with on-line registration systems (NB process can be very confusing!!!)
Deadline We have until 5.00pm on Monday 1st February 2016 to submit comments

Any problems?
If you have any problems with this process, please contact Kirklees Planning - details below:
Tel: 01484 221000
Address: PO Box B93 Civic Centre 3 Market Street Huddersfield HD1 2JR

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Greenbelt for Grimescar drop-in session - Wed 2nd Dec

posted 23 Nov 2015, 01:10 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 23 Nov 2015, 01:14 ]

Join us oYour Valley Needs Youn Wednesday 2nd December for 'Back Greenbelt for Grimescar' drop-in session at Birchencliffe Cricket Club.

Save Grimescar Valley committee members and local councillors will be on-hand to answer any questions as best we can.

Pop by anytime between 7.00pm - 9.00pm.

  • find out more about the Local Plan and the greenbelt proposals for Grimescar Valley
  • advice on how best to back these proposals
  • have a pre-Christmas drink

These proposals represent the best chance we have of protecting the valley from development for at least the next 15 years.

Grimescar Greenbelt
Click image above to enlarge

Birchencliffe Cricket Club

Please back proposals for Grimescar's Greenbelt!

posted 15 Nov 2015, 02:31 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 3 Dec 2015, 02:20 ]

Kirklees Local Plan Consultation
Save Grimescar Valley is calling on residents to back the proposal in the Draft Local Plan to re-designate Grimescar Valley as protected greenbelt.

Whilst this won't overturn the decision to grant outline planning permission for 190 new houses, if approved this will protect the valley for at least another 15 years.

It's really important that as many people as possible back this greenbelt proposal for Grimescar Valley. It's the best chance we have to save the remained of the valley from unsustainable development. 

How you can comment:
However you'll need to Register as a Consultee

If you have any problems with this process, please contact Kirklees Planning - details below:
Tel: 01484 221000
Address: PO Box B93 Civic Centre 3 Market Street Huddersfield HD1 2JR

We have until 5.00pm on Monday 21st December to submit comments

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Tweet this page or download a printable flyer to share with friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Campaigners 'disgusted' as councillors approve plan for 190 homes in Grimescar Valley

posted 15 Nov 2015, 02:08 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 20 Nov 2015, 05:06 ]

Developers win backing to build in Huddersfield beauty spot after campaigners' pleas to save valley. 

190 houses

Disabled housewife Sue Roper was left on the brink of tears after campaigners finally lost an emotional and bitter battle to save Grimescar Valley. 

Developers want to build 190 homes on the picturesque open land near Ainley Top but residents say the roads are already choked and schools and health facilities overcrowded. Protesters went into battle at Kirklees Council’s Strategic Planning Committee, giving passionate speeches begging councillors to reject the plans.

Ultimately, it was all in vain as the Huddersfield Town Hall committee voted 4-3 to grant approval.

Disabled Mrs Roper, who has a brain tumour and is often rushed to hospital in Halifax, said: “It breaks my heart. “I am frightened every time I go down the A629 with the sirens on. I think I’m not going to make it. I am a living timebomb.” Mrs Roper said 30 years ago her son and daughter had to attend separate schools because of a shortage of places and added: “Nothing has changed. “Kirklees say they are going to build a new school but it has never happened. The council didn’t listen then and hasn’t listened now.” Sue Roper, disappointed over Grimescar Valley decisionSue Roper, disappointed over Grimescar Valley decision A tearful Mrs Roper spoke passionately to the committee and said all she had to look forward to was the view out of her window. She added: “I think it’s terrible someone can come along and take that away from me.”

Protesters packed the public gallery and the meeting was tetchy at times as objectors clashed with councillors from the sidelines. Residents said the council should protect the environment and wildlife and consider adding the land to the Green Belt under the forthcoming Local Plan. However with no current plan in place, the committee was told, the council was likely to face a costly defeat at any planning inquiry.

Letter in support of Grimescar Valley development proposalLetter in support of Grimescar Valley development proposal
Holme Valley North independent councillor Terry Lyons, who proposed approval of the scheme, said the council wouldn’t have a leg to stand on at appeal and costs could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

He was backed by Labour’s Steve Hall, Graham Turner and Carole Pattison who voted in favour with Tories Donald Firth and Donna Bellamy against, along with Lib Dem Andrew Pinnock. Clr Turner told the protesters: “There have been some wonderful, eloquent speeches but no one has given us any planning reason to refuse this.” After the hearing Lewis Allen, whose wife Sarah spoke at the committee, told how the family moved up from “polluted London” and four of their five children needed inhalers.

Objectors ready to greet councillors visiting site of Grimescar Valley housing plan, Burn Road, Birchencliffe. One of their sons, aged 10 at the time, suffered breathing difficulties and needed to use a lift at school. Mr Allen said: “There are shocking levels of air pollution here. Surely Kirklees will face some liability over this in the future?”

Tory councillor Gemma Wilson said she was “disgusted” with her colleagues over the decision. She said: “There were reasons the plans could have been rejected but now we have lost Grimescar Valley forever.” Colne Valley Tory MP Jason McCartney, who also addressed the meeting, said he also felt let down and added: “There is an emerging Local Plan and this land was destined to be taken into the Green Belt.

“It’s so disappointing. I thought the committee showed a lack of respect to local people at times when really they were respectful and restrained in the circumstances.”

Show of unity at Kirklees Councillors site visit

posted 29 Jul 2015, 15:06 by Grimescar Greenfields

Local people wanting to Save Grimescar Valley
Protestors held a ‘welcoming committee’ to convince Councillors to reject one of Huddersfield’s most controversial housing plans. Members of Save Grimescar Valley held a demonstration on the site – earmarked for 190 homes – as planning committee members visited this morning. 

Councillors were forbidden from talking to the protestors, indeed panel members stayed on their minibus during the five-minute visit. But campaigners aimed to show the committee the strength of feeling against the proposal.

Lindley Conservative councillor Mark Hemingway joined the protestors after being told he would not sit on the committee. He joins Huddersfield and Colne Valley MPs Barry Sheerman and Jason McCartney as well as Huddersfield Civic Society and the Campaign for Rural England in opposition to Thornhill Estates’ application.
Of the demonstration Clr Hemingway said: “It shows public support and that it’s not a clear cut thing; there are a lot of grey areas. “The fact that people have turned up on a cold and breezy day shows it’s worthwhile.”

Among the protestors were John Livesey and Geoff Walker, both from Grimescar Valley.
Mr Livesey said: 
“I think the councillors will reject it because of the support we have.
If the councillors, the planners and the highways department have any sense they will throw it out on access problems.”

Mr Walker, who has lived in the valley for 43 years, said: “It’s a beautiful place. It’s heaven and that’s going to be houses. “They’ll be no more woodland and nature. We have water voles, green woodpeckers, roe deer, badgers and foxes. It’s a whole ecosystem.It’s the last bit of ecology in Huddersfield.”

The Strategic Planning Committee will decide on the application tomorrow, when they are expected top face another protest.

Kirklees Council planning officers have recommended that the committee pass the application.
Thornhill Estates’ application for 190 houses on land off Yew Tree Road and Burn Road has split the community.

Planning papers show 286 people are in support of the housing while 468 people oppose it including Lindley councillors Cahal Burke and Gemma Wilson.

Guidance for protesting at Wed's site visit & Thur's committee

posted 26 Jul 2015, 04:42 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 27 Jul 2015, 11:32 ]

Kirklees Councillors from Strategic Planning Committee will be undertaking a site visit to the Grimescar Valley site at Ainley Top, Yew Tree Road and Burn Road, HD2 2EQ on Wednesday 29th July.
They are scheduled to arrive at 11.25am.

Save Grimescar Valley

Councillors will be there purely to view the site and have the application described to them by Planning Officers. They will not be able to engage in conversation or debate with members of the public.

However if anyone wishes to be present, we strongly advise that they do not obstruct the Councillors' work.

Please ensure any protest is quiet and dignified, and that any banners or placards represent the best side of our community.

The same advice applies to any protest outside the Town Hall on 30th July, in advance of the committee meeting.

Register NOW to Speak at Strategic Planning Committee

posted 26 Jul 2015, 03:34 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 26 Jul 2015, 05:08 ]

If you wish to speak at Strategic Planning Committee you need to pre-register by midnight on Monday 27th by email, or by 5pm by phone.

Registration Deadlines

You need to pre-register your intention to do so at least two working days prior to the relevant Planning Committee. (e.g. for meetings commencing at 1pm on Thursdays, the deadline for pre-registration will be 5pm on the previous Monday by telephone or midnight Monday by email request).

Registration should be sent to the Governance Officer (Andrea Woodside/ Richard Dunne) by email to
or by telephone to 01484 221000
extension 74993 (Andrea Woodside)
or extension 74995 (Richard Dunne).

Your pre-registration needs to include:
  • The Planning Committee meeting you wish to address  = Strategic Planning Committee 30th July 2015
  • Your name and address
  • The application number/address for which you are pre-registering = Application No: 2014/93039 - Land at, Ainley Top, Yew Tree Road and Burn Road, Huddersfield HD2 2EQ
  • Brief details of the issue(s) you intend to raise (e.g. highways, residential amenity etc.), = Issues you wish to raise 
  • the capacity in which you will be speaking (objector, supporter, applicant/agent) = Objector

Click here for full guidance on registration / speaking at this committee

Click here to read Save Grimescar Valley's letter of objection.
This has already assisted in the process of modifying some elements of the application.
It was put together by Knight Frank who we commissioned to assist us in the process.

Planning Committee date set: Thursday 20th July 2015

posted 24 Jul 2015, 06:51 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 24 Jul 2015, 06:55 ]

Town Hall

Kirklees Strategic Planning Committee will consider Thornhill Estates' application for outline planning permission for 190 new homes in Grimescar Valley on Thursday 30th July from 10.00am.

Strategic Planning Committee
Thursday 30th July, 10.00am
Huddersfield Town Hall
Click here for details of the meeting.
Click here to view papers for the meeting

Application no: 2014/93039 
Land at, Ainley Top, Yew Tree Road and Burn Road,
Huddersfield HD2 2EQ

Starts at 27th page of the document
(marked as page 17 in large print - and also shown as page 9 in small print)

The Agenda papers clearly show that Planning Offers are recommending
that Councillors APPROVE outline planning provision

Please note: Save Grimescar Valley will have a strong presence at the meeting & be speaking against approval

We will be basing our arguments on advice given by professional planning consultants whose services we have retained.

Changes made to planning application

posted 14 Jun 2015, 15:25 by Grimescar Greenfields

Kirklees Council Logo

Dear Sir/Madam





I am writing to let you know that additional information and/or amended details have been received for this development proposal. You may view the application, including plans and documents by searching or quoting application number 2014/93039 in either of the following ways:

• online using our website; you can use a computer at your local library or information centre for this if you do not have one at home.
• viewing an electronic version of the file at the Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre 3, Huddersfield:

Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm; except Thursday 10.00am to 5.00pm


You can view the progress on the application including whether the decision will be made by Officers using delegated powers or by Councillors at a Planning Committee by checking the Kirklees website.  Please be aware we will not inform any interested parties of the relevant committee date if applicable. If you wish to make comments on the application you can do so by: 

• using the link from the application details on the website
• e-mailing your comments to
• writing a letter to Planning, Investment and Regeneration Service at the above address

Please quote the application number 2014/93039 in any contact with us.


If you have any questions then please phone one of our customer advisers at Kirklees Direct on 01484 414746.  Please bear in mind that we can only consider comments we receive in writing or by email: you can not comment by phone.


We must receive any comments by 23 June 2015.  If your comments are received late, the application may have already been determined.  We will consider carefully all the comments we receive, but the council must weigh any comments alongside all the relevant planning considerations in making a decision.  You should not assume that an objection will necessarily mean that an application will be refused.  We can only acknowledge your comments made by letter if you enclose a stamped addressed envelope.  


In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, any comments received will be made public and may be published on our website.  You can not ask for your comments to be kept confidential.  If you are in private rented property, please make sure that the property owner is aware of the planning application.


Save Grimescar Valley joins with other groups in protest rally

posted 16 Apr 2015, 12:50 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 16 Apr 2015, 13:08 ]

Rally in St George's Square

Greenfield campaigners meet up in St George's Square as part of Community Voice on Planning national day of action

Campaigners from across Kirklees joined forces to protest over the loss of green fields for housing.
As many as 80 people met up in St George’s Square, Huddersfield, today as part of a national day of action.

Organised by the Kirklees Community Action Network (KCAN), groups from across the district came together to send a message to Kirklees Council.  “It’s simple,” said network spokesman Tina Newsome. “Brownfield before greenfield, that’s our message.”

Campaigners from Save Grimescar Valley and Save Mirfield were out in force but other groups from Scissett, Skelmanthorpe, Slaithwaite, Golcar, Holmfirth, Meltham and Dewsbury were also represented.

Protestors braved strong winds and driving rain to show their support for a day of action organised by Community Voice on Planning under the slogan: “Listen to Local People on Planning.”

All 69 Kirklees councillors were invited but only a handful turned up. These included Tories Mark Hemingway (Lindley), Martyn Bolt (Mirfield) and Donna Bellamy (Colne Valley) and independent Charles Greaves (Holme Valley North).

Also there were Colne Valley Parliamentary candidates Jason McCartney (Conservative) and Jane East (Labour) along with Beth Prescott, of Dewsbury, the Tory candidate for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford.

Protest Rally

Protest Rally

Protest Ralley

Protest Rally

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