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A Beginners Guide to Kirklees Local Plan

posted 4 Jul 2014, 02:52 by Grimescar Greenfields
Link to Kirklees Local Plan timetable
So what is the Local Plan?

The Kirklees Local Plan (previously known as the Local Development Framework) is the new development plan being produced for Kirklees. This involves working out how many new homes and jobs are needed in the future for the district and allocating land to meet these needs.

The Local Plan will also set out the areas of Kirklees that need protection, including valuable open spaces, areas with high environmental quality and historic value. It will set out the infrastructure needed to make sure that any new developments are sustainable. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) explains what sustainable development means in relation to planning.

The Local Plan will contain a map of the district showing where land has been identified for different uses such as housing, employment and open space. Planning policies will also be set out to make sure that development which comes forward will be sustainable. When the Local Plan is agreed and in place, planning applications will be judged against what it says.

What in the timetable for producing the Kirklees Local Plan?

The withdrawal of Kirklees Core Strategin October 2013 has meant  that there is a significant delay to the development and adoption of a local plan. The full timetable is outlined below:

 Stage Period            Action
January – 
December 2014
  • During 2014, we will be updating evidence to support the Local Plan. We will be able to use much of the evidence that was collected for the previous plan subject to reassessment and updating.
  • The main area of work that requires new evidence is information to support the council’s housing and employment strategy. 
  • The National Planning Policy Framework is clear that plans should be prepared in the light of “objectively assessed needs”.
  • We are working with Leeds City Region partners to agree housing and employment targets for the region. We will then do further work to define the requirements for Kirklees 
Engagement (I)
Spring 2014
  • We are planning to ask for views on what the vision, objectives and priorities for the Local Plan should be 
Engagement (II)
 Summer 2014
  • We are planning to hold a workshop with relevant organisations and groups to make sure the objectives and priorities are realistic and can be delivered
Engagement (III)
Autumn 2014
  • We will be asking for views on the development needs identified for Kirklees and the distribution of development across the area
Developing the 
Preferred Option
Early – Mid 2015
  • We will be putting together a draft plan for formal consultation. The plan will identify housing and employment targets and locations for development in the light of emerging evidence and early engagement.
Consultation on 
the Preferred 
Late Summer 
  • We will be asking for your views on the Preferred Option Plan over a 6 week period.
Responding to 
the Preferred 
Autumn 2015 – 
Spring 2016
  • We will be considering your comments, gathering further evidence where required and redrafting the Preferred Options Plan.
 Summer 2016
  •  We will ask for your views on whether the revised Local Plan meets the Government’s tests of soundness.
 Submission Late 2016
  •  We will be submitting the Local Plan to the Secretary of State to be examined.
 Adoption Late 2017
  •  This is when we expect to adopt the Local Plan.
View the Kirklees leaflet on the Local Plan development timetable.

How has Save Grimescar Valley inputted to this process?

To support the Early Engagement (I) process Kirklees produced a Local Plan Early Engagement Report and invited interested parties to submit a response by the end of May.

The Save Grimescar Valley group completed a questionnaire to feed into this process.

Read the response from Save Grimescar Valley:
View our response
Download our response

This response should be read alongside the Kirklees Local Plan Early Engagement Report.
To view all the Kirk Kirklees Local Plan Development documents.