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Domesday Reloaded - Thornhill Estate in 1986

posted 9 Jul 2014, 02:34 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 9 Jul 2014, 02:34 ]
Domesday Reloaded
In 1986 the BBC undertook an ambitious project to create a new Domesday Book. 

One million volunteers, including school children and community organisations, helped create a snapshot of the UK in 1985/6.

Read the contribution on the Thornhill Estate, Huddersfield, from 1985

Children using BBC Microcomputer to work on Domesday Project       

"The Thornhill Estate stretches from Edgerton in Huddersfield, through surrounding districts, finally reaching Pudsey. In Edgerton most of the Estate was beginning to develop in the 1860's therefore most of the properties are pre-Second World War. However there have been many additions to the Estate especially from 1933, when a limited company was established and much land was sold off on leases. Cowcliffe and Fixby are extremely residential areas and the majority of houses are leasehold. There is a large unpopulated area next to the vast Fixby Park housing development, which is currently undersurveillance by the Town Planning Association. Today, in 1985 leases are still held by the Thornhill Estate and an annual ground rent of £2 per residental property is charged for outgoings."