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Special meeting to invite contributions to the LDF debate November 8

posted 25 Oct 2011, 15:25 by Grimescar Greenfields   [ updated 25 Oct 2011, 15:27 ]
News item from Kirklees Council website

A special Kirklees Cabinet meeting to hear public contributions to the LDF debate is to be held on November 8 in Huddersfield.

The proposal, if it is agreed by council next week, is for this meeting to be organised specifically to allow all public views to be heard in advance of the November 23 meeting of the Full Council where it is hoped that a decision on the core strategy for the LDF will be made. If the Council agrees a core strategy on November 23 that will itself be subject to six weeks representations from the public.

Any public contributions made at the special meeting will be included in the documents provided for the Full Council debate and the public will still be able to lobby their councillors up until the final meeting. However, no new public contributions will be heard at the November 23 meeting, if the plan is agreed.

Chief Executive of Kirklees Council Adrian Lythgo said: “We are expecting a lot of members of the public and interest groups to want to lobby councillors directly and have their say.

“We have to balance the rights of councillors to have their say and represent all their communities, the right of members of the public to speak for themselves, and the need to make a decision. So we have decided to propose holding the public contribution part of the meeting on November 8, at the specially arranged cabinet meeting, and those representations will be taken into account for the council decision-making part of the process on the 23rd.

“The Full Council meeting will still be open to members of the public to attend, and it will be webcast live on the Kirklees website.

“And members of the public can still speak directly with their elected representatives at any time, and we anticipate all local councillors will have the opportunity to raise their concerns if we hold the meeting in this way.”

The LDF proposals will be published on the Kirklees website in advance of the Cabinet meeting on the 8th.

Following the decision by full council, the proposal will then go to the Secretary of State for further examination with a further opportunity for members of the public to make representations. Any representations in the six week period will be passed to the Secretary of State and considered at the examination stage as a key opportunity to influence the plan proposals.